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Have you been told by a loved one that you snore? Do you wake yourself up gasping for air? Perhaps you are suffering from unexplained jaw pain or hear popping when you chew. Have you been looking for a Sleep Apnea Dentist or Sleep Apnea Doctor to help you with these issues? We specalize in dental appliances for sleep apnea, TMJ and breathing disorders. We create a custom oral sleep appliance that can help you get the relief you deserve. Click on Getting Started at the top of the page and make your appointment for your free evaluation today.


“I have been very happy with my oral appliance. I have not had any trouble sleeping with it. It certainly was much better with this appliance than with the C-PAP machine that my sleep doctor recommended. Everyone has been helpful and willing to give help whenever necessary. I’m very satisfied with my experience with this oral appliance therapy and I thank everyone in the office for all they have done.”

— Barbara Rosenberg

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