5 Benefits of Sleeping Without A Pillow

Did you know that some Sleep Specialists in New York believe that sleeping without a pillow has numerous benefits?  Chances are you’re use to sleeping with your pillow. Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of sleeping without a pillow.

No Pillows Please!!

Prevents Back Pain

Most people end up using pillows that don’t support the natural curve of the spine. Multiple pillows might lead to an unnatural sleeping position. The support pillows provide is also not long-lasting.

Helps Deal with Neck Pain

Most pillows fail to offer the right support and make sleeping postures worse. If you don’t use pillows, your head rests in a natural position. It also prevents nerve damage and strained muscles so you experience less pain. Pillows that are too soft also disrupt blood flow to the neck.

Combats Headaches

You might have experienced waking up with a headache or feeling light-headed. Your pillow might be to blame. Try sleeping without a pillow and see if you feel better the next day. Sleeping with soft pillows reduces blood flow to the head, cutting off part of the usual oxygen supply to the head. Morning headaches could be due to the disruption of oxygen distribution to your head.

Waking up with headaches?

Alleviates Stress

If you sleep in the wrong position due to pillows, you might end up tossing and turning throughout the night. This increases stress which, in turn, may lead to other mental and health issues. Once you experience fewer sleep disturbances, the quality of sleep helps the body level down stress hormones. Moreover, after a restful night sleep, you may feel increased energy the next day.

Prevents Facial Acne

You can avoid acne if you sleep without a pillow. This is because acne is the result of dirt and oil accumulating on the face and clogging the pores. The inflammation can cause swelling, redness, and even infections. Your face is normally attached to your pillow for most time during the night. You probably don’t wash your pillow covers or pillow every night. So it’s exposed to saliva, dust, and sweat, making it a place where bacteria reside. This could lead to facial acne.

Some sleep specialists also believe that certain sleep positions are more beneficial if you don’t use pillows. Your sleep position dictates what kind of pillow you should or should not be using. What position do you sleep in?  Maybe you can try some of our suggestions to see if they work for you.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is considered the healthiest sleeping position. But if you are using a pillow without the proper support this is not the case. Side sleepers need a pillow will work to keep their spine straight while sleeping.  End Result:  Side Sleepers should not sleep without a pillow.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers should try to keep the neck level with the rest of their spine, a thin, contouring pillow is best for this.  This type of pillow will fill the space between the neck and mattress as needed.  Rounded pillows that support the neck, cervical pillows, or pillows with built-in neck support are all good options as well.  End Result: Back sleepers should not sleep without a pillow.

Stomach Sleepers

Although stomach sleeping may help alleviate snoring, it is considered, by sleep specialist in New York and surrounding states, as the most unhealthy sleep position.  This is because this position forces you to twist your head and neck to one side which may cause your spine to be out of alignment. End Result: Stomach sleepers may benefit more from not using a pillow. However, if this option is too uncomfortable, it is recommended to use a thin pillow.

So now that you know some of the benefits of sleeping without a pillow, maybe you should try it soon and see if it allows you to get better sleep! Make sure to contact your sleep specialist in New York or your area for more information

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