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    1. “Very caring team. They took their time to address all of my concerns"

    2. Noor S.  

    1. “excellent experience from beginning to end”

    2. Michael G.  

    1. “Skilled and caring people every step of the way."

    2. Glenn E  

    1. ”. …..They stand by the optimal health of their patient …”

    2. Louis M.  

    1. “…….The appliance was very easy to get used to and so far seems to be working...."

    2. Gina G.  

    1. “The staff were extremely friendly and caring, everyone were concerned with my well being"

    2. Evida G.  

    1. “Great expertise for sleep dental appliances!”

    2. Blair H  

    1. “From a doctor's perspective, I am very impressed…..”

    2. Dr. Lio Y.  

    1. “I found the office to be extremely attentive and knowledgeable. Dr.Chase is an expert…”

    2. Lauren C.  

    1. “I thought this TMJ was gonna last forever but I'm confident with this team I'll be okay."

    2. Mary F.  

    1. “Awesome, fast and efficient/Professional”

    2. Randy S.  

Chase Dental Sleepcare is focused exclusively in Sleep and TMJ disorders. We combine decades of experience, comprehensive diagnostics and advanced therapies for those suffering from unhealthy sleep, TMJ pain and other symptoms. Our unique practice has helped thousands of patients experience healthy sleep and freedom from life altering TMJ pain.

Medical institutions like Mount Sinai refer patients to Chase when advanced dental medicine is needed. Our practice has pioneered the relationship between TMJ and sleep health.

Can we help you? Let’s find out together. Our screening protocols for both sleep health and TMJ will help you better understand what’s possible.

Let’s decide whether a visit to one of our many NY metro area locations makes sense.

Call us today at: 516-506-0000

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  • “I had gone to about 5 different dentists in a week searching for a solution to a dislocated jaw due to TMJ. They all told me I’d need surgery & gave me no relief or reassurance that I would get better. From the moment I called Dr. Chase’s office I knew they were different. Christine got me an emergency appointment within 2 days! Once I got there Melissa & Monique made me feel at ease taking my bite impressions & were SO friendly! Dr. Chase was able to tell me why I had my injury & how to fix it within a half hour of seeing me!! Now, 1 week later, I am already eating normal food again. I highly recommend him to everyone!! Thank you!!”

    - Meredith R

    “Hated the CPAP machine and I needed an alternative. The oral device works and I have seen dramatic improvement in my sleep and in my life. Dr. Garelick is very straightforward and I have been ecstatic over the change in my life”.

    - Ary R


Mount Sinai
St John's Riverside Hospital
Stony Brook Medicine
National Dental
American Dental
Northwell Health


Our diagnostic approach is not only comprehensive in scope but also incorporates the best current research in dental sleep and TMJ therapy. We always test and screen for both sleep and TMJ with all of our new patients. We don’t have a one size fits all therapeutic approach. We employ a wide range of protocols and recommend other medical specialties when indicated.


Multiple integrated therapies are often indicated, especially in the treatment of TMJ. Our clinicians are trained to deliver various therapies and to call on other medical disciplines when indicated to achieve optimal results.


Sleep and TMJ disorders often overlap. The treatment of either sleep or TMJ also impacts the other malady in many ways. A practice focused on both illnesses provides unique opportunities to improve overall patient health in very significant ways.


Doc displaying oral appliance to patient
TMJ Case Study: July 2022

DJ is a 35-year-old female patient suffering from chronic bilateral TMJ pain, clicking, headaches, ear pain and limited opening, which, when she opens, deviates to her right. Here's how we helped her.


Words from our patients

  • “Staff is very nice. I like that they try to get you in and out as quickly as possible...”

    Danielle M.
  • “Beautiful office. But, more importantly great Doctor and staff. Highly recommend!”

    Lonnie G.
  • “Excellent. I had my first night with the oral appliance and WOW what a great feeling when I woke up…can’t wait to go to bed again!”

    Cynthia N.
  • “All I have to say is thank you!!!”

    Gloria L.
  • “I liked the professionalism and friendliness of the practice. I was completely comfortable and satisfied with the outcome.”

    Leah W.
  • “Amazing service and care!”

    Emily S.
  • “Dr. Chase is the maestro…. appliance has helped my sleep tremendously. Gave up on CPAP years ago. …. his staff get my highest recommendation.”

    Bruce H.
  • “Great experience as a new patient. Knowledgeable, caring and compassionate staff!”

    Anna B.
  • “A literal lifesaver when it came to my TMJ pain. I feel so much better, highly recommend.”

    Christine A.
  • “Received my sleep apnea oral appliance….. the doctors and the staff that worked with me were very precise in ensuring the proper fitting… “

    Christiane M.
  • “Simply awesome. Friendly. Professional. Thorough.”

    Jorge L.
  • “Life changing”

    Anthony P.
  • “BEST EXPERIENCE!!! I wish I could give the practice 1000 stars!”

    Natalie M.
  • Yelp

    "I don't snore anymore and I have more energy during the day (even with an 8 month old baby at home). Thank you so much Chase Dental SleepCare!"

    Luigi S.
  • Yelp

    "I saw Dr G. He was friendly, informative and made me feel so comfortable. I'm happy to say I'm sleeping much better and wake up refreshed! Thanks Dr G!"

    Izzmatic I.
  • Google

    "From the moment I called Dr. Chase’s office I knew they were different. I highly recommend him to everyone!! Thank you!!"

    Meredith R.
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