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Advantages of Oral Appliance Therapy: Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Sleep Apnea can be a life-threatening condition and oral appliances can be used to help make sleep not so scary.  In case you don’t know, sleep apnea can cause individuals to stop breathing and resume again in the middle of sleep. It shares similarities with snoring in terms of discomfort, blocked air passages and similar treatments.

Treatments for both conditions are usually the same.  Some sleep dentists recommend using oral appliances to sleep in, like the following:

These aids can be useful and here’s why:

Easy to Use

These devices are small enough to be used on their own. They fit into or around your mouth and keep your air passages open enough for a good night’s sleep.

They’re also light weight and portable – so you don’t have to worry about carrying around big bulky devices, not being able to sleep comfortably or blocked airways while traveling away from home.


Oral sleep appliances can be customized. Sleep dentists can model the device to fit with your jaw, teeth, tongue and airway. This reduces the chances of discomfort and allows for a customized fit and personalized treatment.

No More Snoring

Most oral appliances are specifically designed to diminish snoring. The tongue retainers subdue snoring that stems from the base of the tongue, the chin strips keeps the mouth closed and forces the nose to breathe for you, and the rest create space to reduce disturbance and sound.  Epigenetic devices are reported to retrain the jaw with use of the appliance.  Speak with your sleep specialist regarding  options for your specific condition.

Non Surgical

Oral appliances don’t cause any physical changes or pain because they are non-invasive. Meaning they’re ready to use, easy to wear, and don’t require a lot of effort to get used to.

Don’t Require Too Much Effort

Oral devices don’t require too much effort. The CPAP Machine needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work, but oral appliances like these are small and convenient and can even be worn during the day.

Better Sleep!

Sleep is the way your body rejuvenates itself.  Since you’ll be getting peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, your performance will increase. You will have higher energy levels, better concentration, focus and problem solving skills. In short, your daily functioning will improve because of restful sleep.

Better than CPAP

Not everyone can tolerate a CPAP.  Some people feel claustrophobic or restricted because of the mask and tubes.  For those individuals an  oral devices may be a better solution. You will have more mobility and comfort during sleeping, and no abrasions on the nose or mouth due to constant mask wear.

We offer treatment for sleep apnea, TMJ, and Botox. We are located in Staten Island, Williston Park, East Meadow, New York and surrounding cities. Call us to book your appointment today.

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