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Side Effects of Positional Sleep Apnea

Do you often wake up gasping for air? If yes, you may be struggling with positional sleep apnea!

Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder which causes intermittent pauses in your breathing while you sleep. A person is said to have positional sleep apnea when the breathing events are doubled when they sleep on their back. This means that your sleeping position and posture are the factors that determine the frequency of occurrence of sleep apnea.

Repeatedly waking up due to sleep apnea can lead to different kinds...

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    How to Identify Nasal Snoring

    Nasal snoring doesn’t actually mean you snore through your nose. It means that problems within the nose are causing you to breathe through your mouth. This is what leads to nasal snoring.

    There are...

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    Oral Sleep Appliance- Things to Know

    Just like there are several types and forms of snoring, there are also numerous remedies, techniques, and devices that help silence the snore. One effective solution is the use of oral sleep appliances.

    These custom...

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    What Kind of Snorer Are You?

    There are many factors that cause snoring in humans and just as many snoring remedies. There are also several signs that indicate there might be a more serious problem causing the snoring. Some of the...

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    Are Snoring Aids The Best Answer?

    There are hundreds of snoring aids on the market, but which ones are the best? Do they really work? If you struggle with snoring, you know that it’s not just annoying, but it could also...

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    Side Effects of Sleep Apnea Devices

    Sleep Apnea is a serious disorder that interrupts an individual’s breathing while they are asleep. Individuals may repeatedly stop breathing and resume again, which is cause for serious alarm. Sleep Dentists are continuously working toward...

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    Silence The Snore With Anti-Snoring Devices

    Nothing makes you run to the hills faster than a snoring partner bed partner.  But before you pack your sleeping bag and head out, keep reading  to learn about how you can help silence the...