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TMJ Symptoms and Treatment

Have you ever experienced jaw pain while chewing?  Or maybe sometimes you hear a clicking or popping sound from your jaw.  You may be experiencing TMD jaw pain or TMJ symptoms. Since the TMJ enables movement both up and down and from side to side, it is an extremely complex joint in the body. This is what makes severe TMJ disorders difficult to treat effectively.


Before moving onto treatment, you will need to be diagnosed with a TMJ disorder. There are a number of symptoms which are indicative of this disorder:


There are home remedies for TMJ  jaw pain such as ice packs to the joint for this problem. Massages or gentle stretches of the jaw also help. There are, however, other more particular ways of treating TMJ disorders.

1. Therapies

Other therapies for TMJ disorders are:

2. Medications

These medications could help relieve TMJ jaw pain:

3. Other Procedures

In extreme cases, your doctor might recommend procedures including:

As with any medical issue, you should have a conversation with your doctor to discuss your treatment plan.


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