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Chase Quality



At Chase, quality is more than an objective; it’s a state of mind. We think about quality as a key to better clinical outcomes and an outstanding patient experience. The cornerstones of Chase quality are:


  • A Profound Belief That What We Do and How We Do It Matters
  • A Patient Centric Approach to Care and Overall Practice Management
  • An Elite Staff Intensively Trained for and Dedicated to Sleep Wellness
  • A Best Practice Process That Insures Quality From End to End and Top To Bottom
  • Access to the Finest Diagnostics, Tests and Appliances in the World
  • Intensive Ongoing Collaboration With the Patient’s Physician & Medical Team

The consistent delivery of the highest quality treatment is central to the Chase mission. With Chase you’ll experience a very rare level of quality and caring.


“The office staff and techs are phenomenal. Caring, thoughtful, informative, very nice…“

– Marybeth Poulin