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The Chase Process


The Chase Process meets the highest clinical practice standards. Our practice is not just clinical however. Sleep care, like all other medical care goes well beyond the clinical. Our focus is on the whole person. For us, improvement is measured not just in clinical benchmarks but overall patient well being.

Initial Consultation

We focus on you, our patient. We’ll learn about you. We’ll ask you important questions about your health and your sleep life. Then we’ll listen. 

During the consultation we seek to address your sleep issues within the big picture context of your life and health. The Chase Process creates a uniquely positive and productive and healthful experience for you, our patient.


Here are Some Specifics About the Chase Sleep Process

  • The Chase Sleep practice is supported by certified sleep and TMJ trained staff.
  • We strictly adhere to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Medical Association protocols.
  • We employ the highest FDA approval standards for oral appliances.
  • The Chase process mandates ongoing communication and collaboration with your physician.
  • The complimentary first appointment involves a thorough review of medical history, your sleep habits and experience, a clinical and radiologic examination of the head, neck, oral cavity, airway space, teeth and jaw.
  • The findings of a sleep study (if one has been conducted) are also analyzed.

Chase dental sleep professionals provide expansive clinical knowledge, vast experience and a deep interest in you and your health. We then use our specific findings to discuss with you the implications of obstructive sleep apnea on your health. In this discussion we review options and their implications for your immediate and long term health and make specific recommendations. 

If dental appliance therapy is indicated and you decide to proceed we’ll take dental impressions and bite measurements.

The consultation ends with one of our Patient Support Specialists discussing medical insurance eligibility, co-payments and deductibles. Often patients have little to no out of pocket expense.


The Second Appointment

A second appointment is made a few weeks later to insert the appliance. You are given home care instructions along with a “starter kit” of cleaning solutions, carrying cases, printed instructions, a dedicated toothbrush to clean your new appliance, and a note pad to record your first week’s experience with the device.


Facilitation of a Follow-Up Consultation With Your Physician

The Chase process embraces the long established and unarguable benefits of integrated care. That means we communicate and collaborate with your physician to insure the best possible outcomes. We routinely facilitate a follow-up consultation with your physician.


Ongoing Assessment of Patient Experience & Well Being

  • Periodic Appliance Adjustments
    The key to sustained sleep health is follow-up care and adjustments. We include unlimited adjustments for three years to ensure your comfort and fit, along with monitoring the success of your therapy.
  • Appliance Replacement
    Appliance replacement is recommended due to loss, normal wear, damage to the appliance or improvements in appliance technology you could benefit from. Many insurance companies cover device replacement every three years.
  • Long Term Care
    We facilitate follow up appointments with the Chase Team and your physician as your personal needs and circumstances require.

The Chase process is designed to achieve the best possible clinical and life style improvement outcomes.