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Insurance Coverage



The dental appliance is considered a medical device and the claims submitted to insurance companies is a durable medical equipment claim.

Dental Appliance Therapy is covered by Medicare and most Private Medical Insurance Carriers!

Here are some of the most common insurance related questions we receive:

Q. Is Dental Oral Appliance Therapy covered by medical insurance?
A. Yes Dental Oral Appliance Therapy is covered by Medicare and most private medical insurance carriers.

Q. Do I need Dental coverage for my claim to be accepted?
A. No the claim made to carriers is for a medical device and as such falls under the durable medical equipment provisions of a health insurance policy.

Q. What is required for a claim to be covered?
A. There must be a diagnosis of sleep apnea substantiated by an in lab or home sleep study. A copy of the sleep study work up and a written doctor’s prescription is also required. This process is facilitated by the Chase Patient Care Team.

Q. I understand the appliance is probably covered, but what about the insert appointment and follow up adjustments?
A. The insert and adjustments are all covered by the fee for the appliance which is covered by your insurance carrier.

Q. What about deductibles and co-pays?
A. They do apply in some cases and vary from carrier to carrier.

Q. Does insurance cover appliance replacement?
A. Most carriers cover appliance replacement every three years.

Q. Do I have a lot of paperwork to fill out?
A. No! All of the paper work, claim management interaction with the carrier is managed by a member of your Chase Patient Care Team.

From your consultation to your treatment to your coverage, Chase Dental SleepCare will be with you.

Don’t lose sleep over your insurance claims process, let your chase patient care team take care of it!


Ask Your Life Insurance Agent about Sleep Apnea

Medical professionals exaggerate the severity of health conditions, right? Sleep apnea is no exception, right? Forget healthcare professionals for a minute. Tell your life insurance agent you want to take out a life insurance policy. When they start smiling, reveal that you have a diagnosed case of moderate to severe sleep apnea that’s not being treated. Ask them if it matters. Then watch them put their pen down and frown.