VIVOS Oral Appliances

The VIVOS oral appliance is the latest buzz in oral appliance therapy and Sleep Medicine.   As with any new product, there is some truth and some speculation.  Sleep Dentist and Sleep Doctors are now debating this new treatment to see how truly effective it is.

VIVOS Therapeutics claims not only to address disordered sleeping, such as sleep apnea but also to improve upper airway and breathing wellness.  VIVOS does this through innovate clinical programs and a proprietary multidisciplinary approach.

Vivos Biomimetic  Appliance Therapy

The VIVOS oral appliance is specifically designed to treat midfacial hypoplasia and/or mandibular retrognathia/retrusion. That’s a lot of Sleep Specialists talk to say that this device works by expanding the jaw bones in an outward position and optimizes spaces in the nasal and mouth passageways. It also affects tongue placement, ensuring your breathing is not blocked. This device is believed to correct Midfacial Hypoplasia, Mandibular Retrognathia, cure sleep apnea and posture problems.

What is Midfacial Hypoplasia & Mandibular Retrognathia?

Midfacial hypoplasia and mandibular retrognathia are conditions where the upper and lower jaws are underdeveloped and may result in an obstructed upper airway.

Some of the warning signs may, but do not necessarily include:

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Nasal Obstruction
  • Improper Tongue placement
  • Narrow Dental Arches

In 98% of patients with OSAS, the condition is due to abnormal anatomical features of the soft tissues and/or the structures of the maxillomandibular skeleton that cause a disproportionate anatomy of the airway.*



Of course, any appliance claiming to cure should be met with caution. There are a lot of things that are believed about VIVOS appliances which are simply untrue, such as:

  • Not customizable
  • Don’t affect the positioning of the jaw
  • Does not have any impact on teeth wear
  • Has no effect on snoring
  • No link to headaches and deep sleep
  • Have detrimental effects in the long term
  • Need to be worn permanently
  • Extremely expensive


Here are a few facts about the VIVOS appliances:

  • Patented and customized
  • Promote proper positioning of the upper and lower jaws
  • Widens the naval and oral cavities to maintain open airflow and allow peaceful sleep
  • Natural and noninvasive remodeling of the soft tissues surrounding the airway
  • Reduces teeth wear
  • Improves nose breathing
  • Decreases or stops snoring
  • Lessens headaches and increases deep sleep
  • High compliance rates as it is easy to use and has no detrimental effects
  • It may be covered by medical insurance

There are many oral appliance therapies on the market.  Consulting with your Sleep Doctor or Sleep Dentist it the best way to decide which oral appliance would be best for your situation.  Most oral appliances are comfortable and painless. They can be used by people of all ages. It is a great, non-surgical means of solving your sleep problems as it naturally corrects teeth alignment, jaw balance, and facial proportions.

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