The following questions are frequently asked.

Q: I have dentures; can I get a dental device?
A: Yes, dental devices for sleep apnea can be made for patients wearing full or removable partial dentures.

Q: I need dental work; do I have to do the dental work first?
A: In many cases, no you can get the sleep apnea appliance first but is recommended to get a consultation as in some cases the dental work should be completed.

Q: I am a gagger, will I be able to get the impressions done, and wear the appliance?
A: We have the latest in new techniques for taking impressions. The appliances can be custom designed to accommodate people with severe gag reflexes.

Q: I have a pre-existing TMJ condition. Will it make my TMJ problem worse?
A: No. the appliance for sleep apnea may in fact improve your condition as it moves the jaw into a similar position as many TMJ therapeutic devices.

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