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Are Snoring Aids The Best Answer?

There are hundreds of snoring aids on the market, but which ones are the best? Do they really work? If you struggle with snoring, you know that it’s not just annoying, but it could also cause extreme discomfort.  Not only to you but to your bed partner as well.

The snoring is out of control and something has to be done.  We have some solutions you can try that might help to put your snoring to rest.

1. Change Your Sleep Position

The position you sleep in can actually cause you to snore. Sleeping on your back causes the soft palate and your tongue’s base to cave in against your throat and into your airways. This results in deep vibrating sounds during your sleep. That sound is snoring.

The best way to avoid snoring, in this case, is to change your sleeping position and fall asleep on your side. One way to do this by using a body pillow. This is a long pillow, which can be found in different sizes, that helps support the weight of your entire body while allowing you to sleep on your side with great ease and comfort.

2. New Pillows

When was the last time you changed your pillows?

The allergens, dust, and bacteria that collect in your pillows and even your mattress can lead to excessive snoring. Allergens like dust mites can accumulate in the pillows, resulting in an allergic reaction that may play a strong part in a person snoring.

This may especially ring true for people with pets who allow them to sleep on their beds.  Pet dander can also be an irritant and trouble with breathing.  Make it a habit to replace your pillows every few months or perhaps, give your pillow covers a good wash every once in a while.

3. Get the Best Snoring Aids

When trying to put a stop to snoring, it is possible that no remedy works for you. Try as you might, from changing your diet and staying hydrated to sleeping on your side, it is likely that none of these remedies produce the desired results.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should get your hands on some of the best snoring aids available out there. Snoring aids are excellent, non-invasive methods and solutions for combating snoring.

Some of these amazing snoring aids include specialist pillows that encourage side sleeping, anti-snoring mouthpieces that tighten those tissues in your airways that contribute to snoring and mouth strips that force you to breathe through your nose by holding your lips together and discouraging unhealthy, snoring noise.

4. Invest In a Nasal Dilator

Snoring is often also caused by a blocked nose that effectively obstructs the nasal passage. A very popular and effective solution for nasal blockage-related snoring is a nasal dilator. This is a non-medicated option for those who struggle with breathing due to a blocked nose.

Some people feel that a nasal dilator is one of the best snoring aids because they don’t produce any weird side effects, provide immediate relief, are relatively comfortable and do not lose effectiveness over time.

These dilators open your nasal passageways in two ways: internal strips widen the nostrils while external strips stick on the bridge of the nose and unblock the nasal valve.

5. See a Sleep Specialist

If all else fails, see a specialist. Sleep Medicine has come a long way.  There are sleep specialists and sleep dentist that specializes in the study of sleep and how to help eliminate snoring with oral appliance therapy.  There are even more studies being done in the field of epigenetics which is said to reposition the jaw to eliminate these disorders.

It is important to note here that snoring is a complex problem that may be caused by numerous factors. So, it is likely that one, single remedy won’t instantly fix the issue. In most cases, a combination of anti-snoring remedies coupled with a positive lifestyle is what will lead to a restful, snore-free sleep.  Consulting with your sleep specialist or sleep dentist is always recommended.

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